Is a destiny destined? 

What if you want something desperately and you don’t get it? Like you just don’t inspite of giving it your 110%. A counter argument on this would be if you wanted it you would go to no extent to get it. But what if it was never meant for you and you realise it with time would it makes sense to leave it and embrace life without it or would it be like you just gave up?  

Or the entire thing of “it was not meant for you” a perception or an excuse to not try again? 

If we write our own destiny then why is it said that he/she were destined to do this? 


When the going gets tough, does the tough really get going?

How do you deal with that feeling? That feeling when you don’t want to get out of bed, that feeling when u don’t feel productive enough, that feeling when you can’t say what’s on your conscious, when you want to scream and you can’t, when u feel crumpled, that when you can’t have a sound sleep? How how and how!? Do you get away with it as time passes? Are you satisfied with life then? 



Surprised to know that’s the first topic I choose to write about in my first blog? Don’t judge! Not negative! So what do you think is failure? Well, according to me it’s the BEST Teacher, better than your parents, mentors or teachers. 

It’s the guiding light to yourself. It shows you the side of you which might be undiscovered yet!  It creates this unknown zest inside you, the zest which is surfaced beneath layers and  layers of emotions.  It makes you the real warrior. It brings to you a bitter sweet feeling. Failure is in it’s true sense a stepping stone to success. It is the process of unlearning what went wrong and correcting it, it is the competition with yourself to better yourself. All you have to do is accept and channelize it in the correct direction! Failure is success in progress.

“Success is the ability to from one failure to another, with no loss of enthusiasm”